During my undergraduate and graduate studies in art (1989-96), I primarily worked in drawing, painting, and printmaking.  From 1997 through 2015, being out of art school and away from the printmaking studio, I worked almost exclusively in painting.  
During this time, I developed an interest in abandoned sites that had suffered some sort of traumatic history, namely the derelict buildings of Milledgeville, Georgia’s Central State (psychiatric) Hospital. I was so struck by the hospital’s sordid history of overcrowding and neglect– not to mention the foreboding sensation I got while visiting those buildings – that I created a series of paintings to reflect on what happened there.  
My paintings of New Orleans resulted from nine visits to the city since Hurricane Katrina.  I met numerous residents and have listened to their stories of survival, devastating loss, and anger.  Most importantly, I set aside time just to be in the disaster area, quietly contemplating what took place during and after the flood, and it is this personal experience that informs the paintings.
The most recent series of paintings is about defunct industrial buildings and other sites in Atlanta that have been transformed by graffiti writers, whose activities have intrigued me for decades.  I became interested in urban exploration, which afforded me the chance to utilize the interiors of the buildings, rather than confining myself to "safer" street views, as seen in my earlier works.
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