These images are from the 2022 annual report I designed for Weekend-Adventures, a small nonprofit serving youth in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. Along the way, I will show some of my creative process, particularly with regard to the photo editing. 
At the time these photos were taken, Weekend-Adventures was a tiny organization with only one staff member and a handful of volunteers, none of whom is a trained photographer. The annual report was made from snapshots of varying quality, edited in Adobe Photoshop. The image at left (below) is the original photo, and the one on the right is my edited version, created for the spread on pages 2-3 of the report (above right), by using masking, clone stamping, and duotone effects in Photoshop.
The organization had very few group photos of their youth, and no others clearer than the one shown (below left) - despite the unfortunate reflection. While I was unable to correct the problem completely, I did get a reasonable result that could be used effectively in the spread entitled "Our Core Values" (below right).
I created duotone images for use throughout the document. This created a youthful urban vibe and complemented the organization's branding guidelines nicely. 
All 13 spreads from the report are below.  
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